Bellitalia S.r.l is one of the leading European companies in natural stone production, renowned for its street furniture and landscaping solutions. For over 40 years now, Bellitalia has built a reputation for high quality, innovative and novel, modern design. Bellitalia manufactures and markets hundreds of products defined by unique Italian style and aesthetics. The items are highly functional, as well as precious and sophisticated, as they are made in combinations with different stone materials. Bellitalia's success is due to its ambition to transform simple items of street furniture into stylish products designed to be functional, but at the same time to make the city beautiful. Great attention is paid to the element of space, which plays an essential role in modern urban centers. The creative spirit of its designers and its desire to offer innovative solutions, which are always at the forefront of technology, have ensured that Bellitalia today is a leader in the street furniture sector.

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City Design's products are designed and manufactured to provide end users - both private and public - a wide range of functional, ergonomic and elegant items, along with special "tailor-made" solutions. The significant resources that are committed to research and development of technology and products, combined with the passion and experience of our qualified team, make City Design one of the leading companies in the site furniture market.

The high quality of City Design products is guaranteed by constant tests on materials, finishes and processes, ensuring that every product is long lasting, safe, sustainable, as well as being stylish and practical for final users. Today City Design products are vital elements in squares, avenues, parks, malls, residential areas, hotels, camping sites and waiting rooms in airports, ports, underground and railway stations around the world.

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LAB23 offers a wide range of site furnishings, including benches, litter bins, bollards, planters, bike racks, and tree guards for private and public use. Every product is characterized by a design that has a contemporary touch. It combines complex forms, but also soft and sinuous ones with materials and construction solutions able to guarantee high quality, thus cutting down the maintenance costs. To obtain these results, LAB23 uses materials such as stainless steel, corten steel and wood. Every product is followed from its design to its production, from its assemblage to its actual creation, by the internal technicians who provide the highest quality in the final result.

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